February 16, 2014

Oi Oi..


One of the first shots from Konica again. We were waiting for a bus that never bloody turned up, it was freezing and we had to walk miles into town! I have no idea what Isabelle is pointing at and I have no idea why I decided to chop half her head off.. Hopefully my next load will be better!

Love love

February 15, 2014

Carry me…


One of my first test shots from first film using my Konica.. Still need a bit of practice!

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February 10, 2014

Good morning..


Love love

February 9, 2014



A rainbow over the windmills..

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February 8, 2014

Click me..

My instagram😘


February 8, 2014

Cracked up..

I was watching some videos about how to take shots in quiet/stealth mode today. Ben was looking it over for me, when he noticed a crack on the shutter blade πŸ˜’

We spent the whole morning livid! I was so angry, but I had just loaded a film in it so thought I might as well carry on using it and see how the images come out first..

So we both took a fair few shots to use up the film and popped in to our local Snappy Snaps just to get some advice about the crack and if we’d be able to get it repaired. I’ve never used a Konica before so and have never seen a crack like it in any other film cameras.

They looked it over for us, and said that it’s not broken its simply just where the shutter closes… 😏 yeahhh.. I knew that.. Ahem..

We spent quite a while talking to the nice guys at Snappy Snaps as well about the camera, and street photography and stuff. We were talking so much that I ended up leaving the disc with all my shots 😭😭😭😭.. So I can’t show any!

But I did take a few little Instagram shots if our day and I will post up my new ones next week.

Hope everyone’s having a lovely weekend!

Love love

February 6, 2014

Konica Hexar

I was running a little bit late getting ready for work today, and was really annoyed as I have a busy day ahead. As I was slapping on the foundation trying to make myself look semi-human, I heard a ding dong at the door.

Bit weird at 7:45 in the morning? Then realised I was waiting for a package! As an early valentines day present my lovely boyfriend had bought me my very own Konica Hexar.. 😍😍😍..


When I opened the package I had to slow myself down as I felt like a kid at Christmas just ripping away the layers frantically. It was wrapped amazingly, you could tell it had been packaged with love.

It was bought from Japan on Ebay. I was surprised to find, after oohing and aahing, that there was an envelope at the bottom of the box.

The seller had typed a note of thanks for buying from him (even handwritten a little in Japanese) and enclosed a postcard of Mount Fuji as a little extra. What a lovely touch!


Japan is definitely my favourite country, and the first place I would visit should I suddenly win the lottery. So the handwritten not and little postcard I thought was amazing!

I shall be giving the seller very very positive feedback!

Now I need to buy some film!

Love love

February 5, 2014

Brayford sunset..

Looking out.. 😘


February 3, 2014

Dubble dubble..

So I finally downloaded the amazing Dubble app that I keep reading about. At first I was a bit confused on the concept, but after reading up a bit more I got the general gist.


Basically, you upload your photos (called singles) onto your profile then the waiting begins! The app will then find other peoples singles and later them on top.

You cannot dubble up your own photos nor can you pick who you want to be matched up to. So the idea of it matching your images with other images from around the work is pretty cool I suppose. Bur I can’t say I am a very patient person and so I found the waiting very frustrating, as I did believe you would be able to dubble up your own photos.

I have a Diana Mini already and so to me it just seemed like a quick fix Diana, but matching up different users. I find it weird that film seems to be really booming at the moment but in a digital sense. People want the same look but they want to be able to do it all on their iPhones.

I love the feeling of being in control but not at the same time, as you never know how a roll if film is going to look like, especially with the Diana. Sometimes the mistakes are the best shots. Faking it on a phone doesn’t seem right somehow..

Love love

July 17, 2013



Me and Isabelle went camping at the weekend with the other Mums in Market Rasen. Had an absolutely amazing time. This is by a church we came across that annoyingly we couldn’t seem to get in. Isabelle has especially been dying to go to church on a Sunday and thought it would have been a good time to go.. So instead took this photo outside the door, thought the lighting was just right!

Wish I had have taken my Diana Mini but I had forgotten to buy some film, and plus I was too busy getting buckets o water thrown at me by all the children ;)

Love love


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